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April 30th, 2012

“My very talented friend John Ludington just finished a new record. It’s called Finn. He is one of the most creative and unique writers! Some other friends participated in the art/music on this record too- it’s very special…” – Regina Spektor


“Ludington’s outré acoustic ditties are catchy, drunken, stein-sloshing chanteys whose high art lies in the way they string together non sequiturs and invite the listener to sing right along.” – Peter Aaron, ‘roll’ Creative Living in the Hudson Valley


“Most distinctive is his signature fractured whimsical chord progressions and surprising sung sound effects.” – Jacques Laiberte, ‘Art-rag’ creative culture


Drawing by Cade Burkhammer


“John is a true embodiment of acoustic eclectic music and uses it to penetrate the paradoxes and joys of being human.” – Jay Ruby, Director of Carpetbag Brigade


“…the lovechild of Beck and Frank Zappa… who has to be considered one of the most daring and interesting songwriters on ye olde North Coast…I’ve assumed big things are on his eclectic horizon.” – Andrew Goff, North Coast Journal


“… how Nick Drake would have sounded if he’d run away and joined the circus in his teenage years.” – Steven Small, Daydream Generation and Quixodelic Collective

“John’s voice is a witches brew of the voices of Greg Brown, Donovan from the 60s, and Ben Harper.” – Dean Haakenson, of Be Brave Bold Robot


“When someone stole my car stereo, I was more pissed that they stole Clouds Today than I was that they stole my deck. I think if aliens come, John should be the first to say hi.” – Devin Farren, song-writer


“John, you give me a canvas worthy of the cultural soup we call existence.” – Joe Dub, fan