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August 6th, 2013

I recorded this the other day. It’s a progression I’ve already worked with so it seemed like an opportunity to record the piano and have fun with samples.

The Forest Creature album!

February 23rd, 2013

click the image to go to bandcamp where you can find a digital copy of Forest Creature


I teamed up with one of my biggest musical influences and longtime friend, Seth Faergolzia, to form a duo called Forest Creature. We started composing and recording our album in late 2012. It was  released in March 2013 at which time we took it on a European tour. A journal of our experience can be found at our kickstarter page and all of the music can be previewed at the bandcamp page.








Pray For Rain

October 2nd, 2012


I played a house show in Seattle last May.  The following morning my host was generous enough to record my most recent tune.  He wrote baritone and alto saxophone lines and kindly added percussive accompaniment as well; cajon, vibraslap and some other great stuff.

Check out Johnny Unicorn



Three From The Circle

September 18th, 2012




This was recorded on Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga, TN in the summer of ’94 and distributed in the form of a few hundred cassette tapes which have disappeared for the most part.  Thanks to my Dad, it has been preserved pretty well and thanks to bandcamp it can be yours for five bucks.  Or you can download two tracks for free and be happy with that.  Go here.





Thanks for dropping by!

May 4th, 2012

I went on tour from May 10 – 19 from WA to the Bay Area and to kick it off I released two free digital downloads of two albums by my former band, Barefoot Gravediggers. It’s mostly for the fans with lost CDs and eaten cassettes that have been emailing me for years but it really is good stuff.

– John


May 4th, 2012

This is inspired by a crazy cat I live with named Nellie.  It’s something I recorded for fun using the internal mic on my laptop.


[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&show_artwork=false&color=fbfbfa” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Friend Producers

May 3rd, 2012




Seth Faergolzia released Friend Producers on April 28th.  There are 15 tracks, each produced by one of 15 friends of Seth’s.  5 songs are repeated and it’s interesting to hear how different the production is.  I did track 5.